Launcher Startup studio

We build startups, turn them into real companies and push forward innovation.

We are committed to push great ideas, support great people, extend the team around them, launching real value products and accelerating the business.

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An organization representing experienced entrepreneurs-turned-investors closely managing the portfolio of new high potential companies.

A team of investors, entrepreneurs and specialists with technical, business and other skills located under one roof. We are building multiple businesses at a time with more than 25 years of significant IT and business experience.

A studio-like organization with loose structures based in Slovakia.


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What we do

We provide startups with an investment all the way through their seed and early stages,
help them with biz model setup and reevaluation, team formation and expansion.

We invest

Ideas come to us even at a concept stage. We provide companies with funding that is crucial for growth and expansion all the way through their seed and early stages.

We build

We are fully dedicated to build great companies and bring them to the next level. We provide internal resources, know-how, help with biz model setup, team formation and expansion.

We support

We support viable cooperation and maximize synergies with our partners in the venture to build high potential companies developing products with sustainable business.

Invest, build and support
Successful startups


We are entrepreneurs-turned-investors who now want to invest in people we believe in and who have the appetite to become successful entrepreneurs themselves. We like to keep our hands dirty by providing all the support & help to entrepreneurs in order to build real value companies.

Stable basis


The team setup combines relevant entrepreneurial, IT, investment, innovation, business and startup experience.

Viktor Mikulasek


Responsible for overall strategy, investments, deal acquisition, partnership, networking and cooperation.

Michal Nespor


Expert in the investments domain, evaluation, acquisition, deal flow and international networking.

Pavol Starek


Expert in the technical domain, all aspects of technology, SW development and IT operations.

Marek Zvara

Marketing & PR

Expert in the marketing domain, PR, communication, design and media relations.

Albert Smajda


Responsible for finance, cash-flow, accounting, legal, reporting and office management.

Tomas Osvald

Business Development

Product and business development, product strategy, idea valuation, market analysis and sales in specific project or startup.

Barbora Domorakova


Our lovely assitant responsible for daily operation and office management.


Experienced in ...

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Experienced in ...

Sustainable growth


Entrepreneurs and investors with extensive footprint and track record in Slovak ICT market. More than 25 years of experience each as founder, executive managers and supervisor, building successful and recognized companies in the Slovak IT market.

LAUNCHER investors are founders and shareholders of 3 major IT companies that belong to the TOP players in the Slovak IT market, with €138m in revenues, 700 employees and a wide range of references.

Discovering new startups


We like great ideas, experience, skilled people, hunger for success, commitment and team spirit.

Our prime focus are experienced people and companies (spin-offs and startups), high potential ideas with sustainable business that can benefit from our khow-how, synergies and investments.

Prosperous start


Fitting our focus parameters? Interested into investment or cooperation?

Get on board


Do you want to work for startups while having all the benefits as you would be in a corporate world? Then look no further. Launcher provides best of both worlds. Working on challanging ideas, competitive salary, great people, flexible working conditions and more.

We are currently creating dynamic IT team that is a part of Launcher and would be dedicated to work for various startup companies from our portfolio. If you are eager to learn, you are seeking challanges and want to become an active part of building up the startup from the scratch, Launcher is the place to be.


UAVONIC, a Slovak company specialised in UAV, is looking for a Sales Manager. Ideal candidate is someone who enjoys working with technology, wants to work in a dynamic and perspective growing industry but moreover, he or she shall have the right business attitude and a spirit for sale.


LAUNCHER is an organization powered by PMK INVEST.
We usually work and meet at the address mentioned in the Contact. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Billing informations:

PMK INVEST s.r.o.,
Galvaniho 17/B (GBC IV),
821 04 Bratislava, Slovak republic
ID: 36801267
TAX ID: 2022416077
VAT: SK2022416077

Company is registered at the Business Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sro, Insert No.: 46811/B.


Phone: +421918970700
GPS: N48°9’49” E17°10’39"